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ASML is a Dutch high-tech company and one of the main suppliers of machines for the semiconductor industry, especially steppers and scanners. Many of the world's chip producers are ASML customers. The company manufactures complex machines that are crucial for the production of ICs or chips.

What was used

Packaging problem

ASML’s machines are spread around the world and are used in a clean room environment where hardly any dust particles are allowed to be present. These machines must be regularly maintained, repaired or installed. It is crucial that the tools needed for this are transported in such a way that they can also be used in a clean room environment. If there are too many dust particles on the tools, there is a good chance that the machine will no longer function optimally, which will cost a fortune.

Packaging solution

Faes has produced a double packaging for this purpose. The tools are packed in a ‘normal’ profile case. However, they are packed completely enclosed in a box with insulated walls. The crate is also provided with cooling plates to ensure that the temperature of the tools is maintained. The heavy lid is fitted with gas springs to make it easier to open and to keep it open. On the bottom, omega profiles have been mounted so that the crate can be transported with a forklift truck without it sliding off the forks.

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