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A customised case for transport or presentation?

Custom cases

Whether you need a cheap plastic case or a case of the highest quality, we make it.

Each case starts from your needs

Whether you need a cheap plastic case or a case of the highest quality. You tell us your needs and requirements, we will present you with the right packaging. Our advisors have experience with the complexity of the right choice of packaging. Together with our own production, this makes Faes an ideal partner when it comes to creating successful custom-made cases.

Plastic cases

Plastic cases are popular as portable packaging. They are loved for their user-friendliness, versatile properties and the possibilities for variation. This makes them suitable for an endless number of applications within different sectors and environments. Even in environments where hygiene is one of the most important requirements; in the medical world and the high-tech sector, for example. Because of its smooth surface, plastic is easy to clean.

A compact, stylish and above all functional case. With this case in your hand, you can arrive at your customer's premises and your presentation will be unforgettable.
Top quality cases for the most extreme applications. Cases from the SKB 3i Series have passed the most extreme tests with flying colours. Therefore: lifetime guarantee.
Sturdier than sturdy. A strong, solid and aesthetic case. It protects your products, equipment and components even better, thanks to its waffle structure.
Repairing, presenting? With this case, you have everything on hand. From solid repair or assembly work to a successful product presentation or demonstration.
With this all-rounder among the plastic cases, you have all your tools on hand as standard. It can be used as a tool case, presentation, training tool and much more.
Multifunctional, versatile and suitable for your needs. You can fully equip and furnish this case as you wish. The case is practical, handy and very robust.
Lightweight, aesthetically pleasing and practical. A comfortable and pleasantly portable suitcase, in the desired colour and finish, with personalised print.
Shock-absorbing cases made of Expanded Polypropylene are fully moulded to your needs. This material is extremely light, making even large formats easy to lift.
Flexible and modular alternative to standard transport packaging. A modular and efficient packaging system in two versions: T-Loc and Classic Line Systainer.

Aluminium cases

Aluminium cases from our Defender range are strong, practical and of high quality, but at the same time attractively priced. The Defender range consists of three types of crates, each with its own set of features and benefits and available in various sizes.

A case from our FEM-T Series is an ideal, practical presentation case for travelling, to take to your customer, trade fair or congress. A sleek design on the outside and a custom-made interior that keeps your things in place.
Presenting or demonstrating is done with a case from our AluPuur Series. Lightweight and made of aluminium walls, with corner pieces made of aluminium, which give the case its superior strength.
First impressions count, and this also applies to a product demonstration. Our stylish AluClass Series will do your product justice. Cases from this series can be fully tailored to your product, needs and style.  
Protect the products for your presentation or demonstration in a case from our FBW-VDK series. Lightweight, made of aluminium walls and profiles and ABS plastic corners that protect the exterior, keeping its exclusive look.

Profile cases

A profile case consists of a metal profile MDF board, sometimes with plastic corner pieces. The case is as light as it is sturdy, and the possibilities are endless. Full customisation is possible, both inside and out. In any size and colour, with a lid on any side you want, with handles, locks, upholstery or printing.

A MIO presentation case is fully custom-made. In the desired size, panel structure, top layer, printing and with a custom interior, so that everything stays neatly in place when transporting your presentation material.
The Profile Series is ideal for heavy-duty work, can take a beating and also looks attractive.
The ideal case for high-profile product presentations. This case is made of an extruded aluminium frame and has a sleek appearance and many options when it comes to the design of the base and lid panels.
The FBW Supreme is a sophisticated lightweight case that is very durable. This case is versatile, both as a case for presentation and sales purposes and for protecting and transporting fragile materials.
The striking and luxurious appearance of the case makes it ideal for presentation and sales purposes. Due to its solid construction, the case can also be used for heavier work.

Six steps to a customised solution

Identifying your packaging needs

A case, crate or flight case is so much more than just packaging. More than a casing for your products, equipment or parts. What the ideal packaging is for your company and application depends on countless factors. Our packaging experts will map out your specific requirements during an intake meeting.

A standard or customised packaging?

Now it is up to us to find the most suitable packaging for you on the basis of the intake. Sometimes, existing packaging from our range will suffice, but sometimes customisation is required or desired. Our advisors will present this to our design office, where designers will translate your requirements into the best solution.

The first glance at your packaging solution

Are you satisfied with our initial advice and proposal? Then our experienced packaging engineers will get to work on a concrete design for your customised packaging. We have our own in-house design office, which means that we have extensive expertise and short lines of communication. This is how we work together on your packaging solution.

Online proofing

Once the products or parts have been measured and the design and drawing have been made, they are presented via an online tool. Via this tool, all project members can place their comments or agree directly. Online proofing is efficient and transparent, and all versions of the design are retained.

Our craftsmen get to work at our in-house workshop

After approval of the design, the designers convert the drawings into a workshop order. Craftsmen then produce the product based on the production techniques suitable for the application. If desired, our production staff can provide the case with a customised interior and printing.

Advice and full service

After delivery, our service doesn’t just stop. We are always at your disposal if you have any feedback or questions. We offer various services with which we can take your concerns about packaging completely out of your hands. We are also at your service when you have a complex logistical or packaging problem.

We are The Packaging People

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A customised case for transport or presentation?

Whether you need a cheap plastic case or a case of the highest quality. You tell us your needs and requirements, we will present you with the right packaging. Our advisors have experience with the complexity of the right choice of packaging. Together with our own production this makes Faes an ideal partner when it comes to creating successful custom-made cases.

By asking questions, together we will arrive at your perfect packaging solution. Here are a few examples: What is your packaging used for? Some possible answers are presentation, transport, product storage. How intensively is your packaging used? Are your products sent around the world every week or do you present a few times a year? What value does your product have? This is often reflected in the value of your case. Do you have a preference for material? Some possible options are plastic cases, aluminium cases or profile cases. Which interior best suits your needs? Some possible options are foam interiors, EPP interiors, plastic interiors or compartment dividers.

How can we help you?

Whatever your packaging challenge is, The Packaging People of Faes are here to help. Do you have a question or comment about packaging, our services or packaging management? Fill out the contact form and one of our packaging experts will get back to you quickly!

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