Design module temporarily offline

With CaseCreator you can easily design a custom interior for your case or crate. Your valuables will fit perfectly in the case and will also be optimally protected during transport. The simplicity and flexibility that you have with the CaseCreator application makes you design the ideal case all by yourself.

In order to continue facilitating this ready-made solution as best we can, we want to further develop and optimise the CaseCreator platform to offer a renewed version with improved functionality to our customers.

However, the way to do this as efficiently as possible means that for now the application will temporarily go offline. What this means for you as a customer of CaseCreator is explained below.

Are you an existing customer?

It remains possible to place a previous order again. This can be done by contacting us via or by filling in this order form. Please give us your order number and the number of items you want to order. We will then contact you for the further processing of your order. A design adjustment is unfortunately not possible at the moment until the design tool goes live again. We will keep you informed about when this will be the case. If you want to order a new design, please read more below.

Are you a new customer?

Due to the ongoing development of the design tool and our aim to have it live again as soon as possible, it is currently not possible to place an order as a new customer. If you want to stay up-to-date on the developments and the launch of the new version of CaseCreator, please sign up for our newsletter using the form below. We will keep you informed as well as possible!

Would you like to order 10 identic interiors (or more)? Then please contact our custom design department using this form. CaseCreator is part of Faes, a packaging company specialised in industrial tailored packaging. They can fully support you in creating custom made interiors, including the support of their own design office with engineers who have expertise in various fields in order to come to a perfectly fitting solution.

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I want to place an existing order again, but change the design first. Is this possible?
At the moment we can only process a repeat order if it is the same as the previous one. If you would like to order 10 interiors (or more), this may be possible through Faes. They can easily do a cost-efficiency calculation, as this involves office costs, unlike CaseCreator.

When will I be able to access CaseCreator online again?
We do our best to keep the downtime as short as possible. However, our goal is to do it right the first time. Therefore we cannot communicate a date, but keep an eye on our socials, or subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

I cannot remember the order number of my previous order / I have lost the order confirmation.
No problem. Please contact us via and we will be happy to help you!

Can I send you a 3D drawing/STEP file/CAD file/another format so that you can still take care of my interior?
This is possible with orders of at least 10 pieces of the same design. The reason that there is a minimum is because such an order is processed by Faes. One of the engineers will then assess the design, give feedback, make adjustments where necessary, in other words, this involves office costs. There is a minimum amount set to ensure a cost-effective solution for you.

What will change in the application? Will I be able to design and order an interior just as easily?
The reason that the platform is temporarily going offline is to make the application more user friendly. The intention is that it will be easier and faster to create a custom interior through CaseCreator.

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