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Our products and services are developed with sustainability in mind, for now and in the future. That is why we like to work with partners who contribute to this, so that together we can offer the customer the best. A few projects in particular:

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A state-of-the-art AML-system

BIC initiated the innovation programme 'Factory of the Future', including the field lab Advanced Manufacturing Logistics (AML), which Faes joined through the cooperation we already had with our client KMWE, an important supplier of ASML and also located on the campus. One of BIC's goals was to realise a state-of-the-art AML system on the campus, in which the logistic flows would be optimally supported at all times. This benefits manufacturing companies in the high-tech industry, but at the same time it also demands something from them, for example; transparency and openness in prices, sources, knowledge, orders and other internal information.

Chain director of logistics ecosystem at Brainport Industries Campus

Outsourcing chain management to one central party, who ensures that logistics processes within and between companies run more efficiently. If it is up to us, this is the future of logistics and the role that we as Faes are going to fulfil at the Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven. Brainport Industries Campus doesn't want to be just a multi-company building, but a high-tech hotspot for technological companies, developers, training institutes and a breeding ground for innovative start-ups. This combination creates synergy in all sorts of areas. One of the opportunities it offers is economies of scale, through purchasing combinations, knowledge sharing and joint use of (valuable) space and resources.

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