The mission and vision statement

Of Faes, The Packaging People

We would like to tell you what we, The Packaging People, stand for, what we believe in and what we want to achieve. This applies to anything when it comes to packaging, in the broadest sense of the word. For now but certainly also in the future.

The mission

Faes is the partner for custom industrial packaging solutions- and advice. We commit ourselves to maximum empathy for our relations and a constant stream of innovations. This enables us to always offer the best solutions in the field of sustainable packaging and packaging advice. For us this is not just a statement, it is a way of life, it is in our genes.

The vision

We envision a world where packaging and the processes around it get the attention they deserve, a world where:

            1. Packaging always has the right look and feel;
            2. Offer perfect protection to the products to be packed;
            3. Make a maximum contribution to the profitability of our relations, by developing, organizing and logistically realizing customer-oriented packaging solutions;
            4. Our solutions meet the customer’s desired service level and are aimed at relieving the customer of his or her worries.
Johan Faes

Johan Faes: a man on a mission

"Entrepreneurship is top sport; it requires energy, empathy, commitment and endurance. You have to see it as your mission and know how to seize opportunities." Johan Faes - director of Faes - always had a sixth sense for opportunities and innovation. That's why he learned most in practice, from "just doing it," trusting his gut feeling, daring to make mistakes, thinking outside the box and having big dreams. But, entrepreneurship is not Johan's only passion.

The Packaging People

We are The Packaging People

At Faes, we are naturally always aware of what is currently going on in the market and with our customers. This is the result of our years of accumulated knowledge and experience. Nevertheless, we are not only focused on the present, but also on the future. Innovation, cooperation and sustainability are therefore a tangible part of our long-term vision. Our people play a crucial role in this; it is with good reason that we are 'The Packaging People'.

We are The Packaging People

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