The history of Faes

How it all started in 1987

From music cases in the barn to an international market position

The story of Faes starts in 1987, when 22-year-old Johan started his company Faes Flightcases. It was not entirely by chance that he ended up in this ‘branch of sport’; flightcases were mainly used in the music world by touring bands for the safe transport of their musical instruments and equipment. Johan played in a band at the time and had a technical background, so he decided to build the flight cases for his band himself. As an entrepreneur, he started working on commission, from his parents’ barn and later from the attic of his parents-in-law.

The growth of Faes took a big flight, so we moved several times due to lack of space and the company was renamed Faes Group. The growth had a lot to do with our repositioning towards the industrial market; with that the size of our assortment and also the number of specialist requests increased. In recent years we have developed an even broader view, especially in the field of services and advice. We do not only supply physical packaging solutions, but support all packaging-related issues. This made us decide in 2020 to merge the business units Faes Cases and Faes Packaging Concepts under one name: ‘Faes’.

Johan Faes

Johan Faes: a man with a mission

"Entrepreneurship is a top-class sport; it demands energy, empathy, commitment and stamina. You have to see it as your mission and know how to seize opportunities." Johan Faes - director of Faes - always had a sixth sense for opportunities and innovation. He learned the most in practice, from 'just doing', trusting his gut feeling, daring to make mistakes, thinking out-of-the-box and thinking and dreaming big. But entrepreneurship is not Johan's only passion.

The Packaging People

We are The Packaging People

At Faes we are of course always aware of what is going on in the market and with our customers. This is the result of our years of accumulated knowledge and experience. Yet we do not only look at the present, but also at the future. Innovation, cooperation and sustainability are therefore tangibly part of our long-term vision. Our people play a crucial role in this; we are not 'The Packaging People' for nothing.

We are The Packaging People

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At Faes we offer you appropriate solutions for efficient and purposeful packaging. Well thought-out packaging solutions for simple and complex products.


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