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The future is sustainable

Doing business with respect for people and the environment

Sustainability: the basis for future-proofing

Every year, companies in the Netherlands produce over a billion kilos of industrial waste. Almost ten percent of this is cardboard, wood and plastic waste; these are materials that are often used for one-way packaging. Only part of it can be recycled, the rest is dumped or ends up in incinerators. This is not sustainable. Fortunately, society is paying more and more attention to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. In order to be fully circular by 2050, we must all do our bit. In the industrial sector, too, there is still plenty of room for improvement.

At Faes we are convinced that sustainability offers opportunities. It stimulates us to follow a future-proof course, based on a long-term vision. This means that sustainable packaging is central to our services, advice and customised products. In this way, together with you, we contribute to reducing waste and our ecological footprint. We have also taken the first step towards circularity by making an investment that gives interior foam a second life.

Our stepping stone from a circular mindset 

Disposing of materials as waste is a thing of the past, especially when they can still be used as raw materials for other companies. This was the reason why, in 2020, we decided to purchase a ‘foam shredder’. This enables us to shred the large quantities of residual foam – used for the manufacture of customised packaging interiors – and supply them to customers in a compact form. After all, circular entrepreneurship is something you do together.

We are The Packaging People

At Faes we are of course always aware of what is going on in the market and with our customers. This is the result of our years of accumulated knowledge and experience. Yet we do not only look at the present, but also at the future. Innovation, cooperation and sustainability are therefore tangibly part of our long-term vision. Our people play a crucial role in this; we are not 'The Packaging People' for nothing.

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How it all began

The story of Faes begins in 1987, when a then 22-year-old Johan started his company Faes Flightcases. The idea was born when, as a musician, he decided to start building his own cases for his band. But it did not stop at music cases, there was also a great need for custom-made cases and boxes in the industrial market. We literally grew out of our seams several times and today we are more than just a packaging manufacturer.

We are The Packaging People

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