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Faes at a glance

Leading in industrial packaging

Faes at a glance

35 years experience
80+ employees
€20 million turnover
Dutch technology area Brainport Eindhoven
Brainport member and Brainport Industries Campus partner

Tailormade packaging solutions since 35 years

The Packaging People of Faes are committed to improve your supply chain. With a modern engineering centre and a dedicated team for designing and ISO, ISTA and UN testing, a production capacity of 5500m2 and ISO 5 and ISO 7 grades cleanrooms we can fully serve your needs in custom industrial packaging. We design, develop and produce your customised packaging in Reusel, The Netherlands. ‘Made in Holland’ applies to all our customised industrial packaging and we are proud of that! We ensure certainty and quality for our customer from idea to completion.

Packaging, handling and transport are a vital part of the supply chain and influence distribution, Defects On Arrival (DOAs) and cost. However, your expertise is to develop and deliver products. All logistic matters are a must, but sometimes difficult to oversee as it is not your core business. We understand that, and with our packaging services we relieve you from wherever you need the support. Either in reusability, cleaning & repair, or fulfilment services; we take care of it from A to Z to ensure you save cost, increase efficiency throughout the entire supply chain and your products arrive safely at their final destination.

Packaging management will give you total control over packing, loading and shipping. With the help of smart tools and software (StackAssist and PackAssist) you will optimise your supply chain, because the right software and tools make the difference. Delivery performance will increase while reducing your CO2 footprint, transport costs and the risk of damage and mistakes. By improving your packaging policy you will manage expectations, work in a standardised manner and gain higher customer satisfaction, while increasing your profitability.

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Your specific needs and experience, together with our in-depth knowledge of packaging, are the unique combination of ingredients for developing the perfect customised packaging.
With our logistics services, we will help you meet all your packaging challenges!
For a streamlined packaging system, it is not only functional packaging that is important, but optimisation throughout the chain. We look at your process with a helicopter view.

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Safety & Security
Emergency services

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How can we help you?

Whatever your packaging challenge is, The Packaging People of Faes are here to help. Do you have a question or comment about packaging, our services or packaging management? Fill out the contact form and one of our packaging experts will get back to you quickly!

    Mandy van Alebeek
    Relations manager